Losing your hair during COVID-19

Hairloss is scary. 

Even more so when it arrives, seemingly unprecedented amidst the terror of the current pandemic. Hair loss may be a side of effect of the coronavirus, Dr. Lambert from Indiana University School of Medicine agrees that the timing is crucial with patients who tested positive 2-3 months ago. The good news, according to Cleveland Clinic, is that this is possibly a form of non-scarring hair loss due to abnormal shifts during your body.  

There are of course cases non-COVID-19 related, but not less jarring to your body.  Pandemic related stress is also a relevant concern and according to Dr. Khetarpal, a dermatologist at Cleveland Clinic. "There’s financial stress, concern for ill family members, anxiety about contracting the virus, social isolation, and changes related to working and schooling from home. We are absolutely seeing hair loss in non-COVID patients that seem related to pandemic stress."


So how do you manage your stress levels and health during this time? 


Here are a few tips from Dr. Ketarpal: 

- Continue your normal hair habits including, washing and styling. 

- Check your Iron and Vitamin D levels 

- Consume a well-balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, and protein. 

- Where possible, seek therapy for the management of stress-inducing habits. 



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